About the Mandala Foundation

Our mission is to provide lifestyle education that empowers people to take control of their every day health and healing.

The Mandala Foundation strives to educate people on how to take control of their everyday mental and physical health. The foundation provides them with tools to help achieve their goals. These tools are intended to lead them to move past their personal blocks and reach their highest potential.

We do this by providing education in the following areas:

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Health Management Techniques
  • ADHD/Depression/PTSD/Anxiety Management
  • Cooking Classes
  • Solutions to overcome dependence on pharmaceutical drugs such as opioids.
  • Mindfulness exercises to help people develop a sense of purpose in their life.
  • Productivity tools to lead a more productive day in life and work.
  • Creating more effective communication through Social Emotional Intelligence.

What is the Mandala Whole Health Project?
The Mandala Whole Health Project is a year-long project that is designed to support The Mandala Foundation. Wellness partnerships are created, and through our strategic partners, this becomes a Quad City collaboration. The program requires educating the local community through
our partners and events.

The Mandala Foundation’s intention is to help Quad Citizens with overcoming obesity, stress and anxiety. We are educating and engaging a wide range of demographics. People who do not have access to this in-person demonstration or material. Most often, an event like this is held for health
practitioners or in larger cities and states.

Our concept is “a healthy mind and a healthy body”. This leads to kids having better focus and staying in school. People will take less time off due to sickness. People will create a stronger community because they are present, awake, and engaged. They will want more for themselves and those around them. More productivity at work leads to more pay, advancement opportunities, and better relationships at work and at home because people are feeling more confident. When
we are able to educate a wide range of people with stress management techniques, they will have tools that they can practice in the moment. This will lead to lower blood pressure, avoiding or addressing diabetes, managing ADHD, and better overall mental health.

The Mandala Foundation would like to thank you for joining in on this health and wellness endeavor! Our hope is that you take away some action steps you can implement into your everyday living!

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